I found a post about the benefits of writing a blog. I’ve been aware to many of the mentioned in that article but non the less I found a couple of new ones which have been eluded to me before.  That should be “you get smarter” and “writing makes you a better reader”.

Think and write your ideas and view points

Never the less I have wanted to write my own blog so I could share my ideas and interests with other people. So far, I didn’t share much of either but I hope it will get better in the near future. Maybe I’ll stick with sharing interesting articles about startups and stuff I’ve read recently.

This time I came here to share this article explaining why you should blog even if no visitors go to your page. Many people are concerned with that matter and often fail to consider the whole lot of other advantages you get when blogging about whatever.

I hope this article will get you on your feet again and convince you to start blogging. If so, write me to let me know. I’d be glad to share and talk with you about anything.

So here it is…

You should blog even if you have no readers

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