My task today is to tell you about a podcast that changed my life for the better. I began listening it because I heard about it from a close friend of mine. I just gave a listen to one episode on my friend’s phone and that was all I needed to know. I just went, installed the application (BeyondPod)  found acceptable for my needs ( I use the Android OS, not like my friend’s OS X, so I couldn’t ask him for reference about that). Then started downloading an episode after episode.

The podcast I am talking about is The Do Over Guy. You could download it from iTunes. All you need is to install any podcast application and subscribe to Matt’s podcast channel in iTunes.

More about the podcast

Starting from the first episodes it is not a thing that will grab you at once. You need to listen closely and pay attention so you could get the grasp on what’s the point of the whole exercises with listening the show.  You could listen it and have a different mindset about it, it’s up to you. You could just hear it and say “ok, nice to know it, but I will not pay too much attention on the advices there. Just for the fun, you know”. Even in that case, it should have a very good effect on you and the way you see things around lately.

Nevertheless I’d be  happy to know you are actually listening to the podcast, because you really want to change a thing in your life. I’d be even more happier if that podcast helps you do over the things you didn’t succeed to accomplish at the first try.

Briefly the story of Matt Theriault

As Matt introduces himself trough out the episodes, he’s a guy that used to be in the music business in the ’90s. Made a lot of money from his label by producing and selling records. Six figure income which was not bad at all for a guy in his twenties. Suddenly the .com bubble went off, mp3s started spinning everywhere and the whole music industry business model changed. Then Matt lost everything and was looking for a job in the next 6 months (or so) so he landed a job. The new business adventure of Matt was guess what? He was bagging groceries at the local store for a miserable pay check and disrespectful attitude from the others, one that Matt was not familiar with before that. Matt though that was his path and that was what he was going to do until the end of his life. Then one day a thing happened that gave him motivation… I will stop here. I hope that was enough to get your hands on the story and become interested in the rest. You shall have it, once you download the first 3-4 episodes.

Briefly the principles

As most of the literature that regards the matter of self development, there are principles that are often repeated by Matt and hopefully they will stick in your mind. Not that I know them all or so. Do not think that is some kind of a sect or a cult to this podcast or Matt. It’s just like they are so nice to know and they make you think incredibly positive. Those principles somehow made my life easier. It was easy for me to deal with the unpleasant things I had to do,  the lots of work I had to do, as well as being easy on myself for the bad decisions I’ve made.

I am trying to recreate them by memory so please, no bad feelings for not citing them perfectly the same:

  • Nothing changes until something moves;
  • If you do now what most people won’t do, later you will be able to do things what most people can’t do;
  • Those who start uncomfortable end up comfortable (and the vise verse);
  • It’s madness to expect different results when applying the same action over and over again – that one actually is by Einstein;

Ok, I hope those are enough. You will get pretty more of them once you start listening.

I was now checking Matt’s site and saw the section “10 reasons to subscribe” so I decided it is a good idea to link them here, so you can get familiar with them.

I am looking forward to hearing from you about the podcast. Did you start, is it helping and any other questions that you might have and I might be able to answer.

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