Become a certified web developer

Me and a friend were recently discussing that he had decided he would want to start a career as a front-end developer. During our discussion it became known that one of the more famous sites for online courses * has a discount for a number of course. A lot of great (at least they seem so) courses have been discounted to the price of $10.

So my friend asked me what courses would be reasonable to undertake in order to gain fair knowledge about the front-end development stuff. Here’s the advice I gave him:

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I recently stumbled upon an interesting account in twitter. It’s focus is usability and user interface. That was the place where I found about the following course. It’s 31 lessons about user psychology and how to make our websites more usable knowing the basic human motivations and emotions. The author of the course has a pretty funny way of expressing his concepts which makes the course light-weight and really not boring. I progressed trough all the lessons in about a week.

Looking forward for your feedback for this course as well.

UX Crash Course: User Psychology