Become a certified web developer

Me and a friend were recently discussing that he had decided he would want to start a career as a front-end developer. During our discussion it became known that one of the more famous sites for online courses * has a discount for a number of course. A lot of great (at least they seem so) courses have been discounted to the price of $10.

So my friend asked me what courses would be reasonable to undertake in order to gain fair knowledge about the front-end development stuff. Here’s the advice I gave him:

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An interesting thought I was sent upon by Max was the following link. After carefully thinking over it I happily decided my work is really an expression of my life… Or the post stated the opposite? Actually I really do not know any more. I am do much interested in my job, that my hobby is working. When I got some spare time I do not watch teli on the sofa and eat junk, I read articles and books about start ups, CS5, etc. I guess that’s not normal… What do you do in your spare time?