Hey there!

Have you ever had a mentor? I did not, yet I hear from a lot of different sources that it really pumps up your motivation. As I perceive it, such a guy can and will tell you what mistakes you do along the way, because he/she did the same. And most important – will help you fix them.

Ok, so I decided to go for it and look for a mentor…

I certainly don’t have the time to do all the mistakes by myself and then learn from them.

I would be glad if the following type of person(professional) responds to this ad:

I am looking for a mentor, covering one or more of the following descriptions:

  • Experienced entrepreneur in IT;
  • Developing services for the western market;
  • Manages a group of people instead of working alone;
  • With broader look over the market;
  • Helpful business contacts in a certain sphere;

I am sure there is no such thing as a free lunch so I will offer any of my competences in exchange as well as my eternal gratitude to this person.

If any one of you, guys, who read this can advice me where I can look for a mentor more specifically and a greater chance of success, please don’t hold off your kind suggestions.

I am patiently waiting to hear from each and everyone of you so… see you soon :)

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