I know, it’s a bit strange to get my second post in this blog to be about holidays, but it will be.  I was missing lately because of that. I took my summer holiday which lasted exactly one week and went away.

I will tell the short story because below…
So me and my girlfriend took our stuff and left. We travelled by car to Gokceada, Turkey (see it in Google Maps) to have a kite surfing lessons. We took the course that was offered by Crazy Island Kite Surf School.

Lets have the facts step by step:

About the travelling

We travelled exactly 12 hours to there and the same time back. Actually I realized how badly maintained are the roads in South Eastern Bulgaria. Terrible. We turned the car around a few times, because the road was closed or too bad to use. That slowed us down with one or two hours more than the estimated. Once in Turkey the things got better. Roads are ok. The main part of our route there was like 90 km/h average speed witch is pretty well.

The only problems we’ve had in Turkey were the about the fery. Not well organized schedules, no information in English at the ticket point of sale. When we were getting back to Bulgaria we had to wait for two hours because of nobody knows why. Nobody told us why there was no fery at 2 o’clock and the next one will be at 4.

About the school

We got pretty good times there. Withe a foreign trainer ( I think he was from Slovenia) we had our lessons in English witch was cool. Definitely better than Turkish (lol, if you imagine) and I guess even better than in Bulgarian, because this helped us learn the wide spread names of all the equipment so we shall not have any problems watching and reading additional stuff about kiting.

We got a bit disappointed of the management part of the school, but that’s ok. Nobody is perfect, neither entirely concentrated, especially with an awesome beach and lots of fun around. Although it’s always good to give expected value for the money you charge for your service, not just stand there and keep it cool. I think it is not needed to comment on this further more. Let anyone who needs more information and recommendations about the school or etc contact me.

About the effect of the whole thing

Although all the down sides and the disappointing moments, I am so happy for the choice I’ve made. Everyone needs to have a break like this. I managed to get away from all my daily problems and forgot about them.  The perfect solution for a burnout person.

When I got back I realized that I am already looking at all my problems from an entirely different paradigm. I managed to change and reconsider a lot of things while away. I didn’t even realized it until now. It’s strange how a person’s mind could work on some tiny problems and other stuff like in a background process.

If I may sum the things I think help the most for a good quality rest and recharging the batteries, those would be:

  • Stop thinking about all the stuff that may be even remotely related to your daily job;
  • Find yourself an entirely different and challenging new occupation to fill your time with;
  • Get extremely tired while the day, so you fall a sleep at the first moment your head touches the soft welcoming pillow of your bed;
  • If not tired enough with one physical activity, find another. Walk around, swim, pull stuff around. Don’t let yourself think of the world you left back there.


The most important of all – embrace the time you had, the fun you’ve got, the people you’ve been with and do not hurry too much to get back to the old regime you had.

All the upper activities will sharpen your edge (make your brain work more effectively, more positive, more… everything).

So to have you some visual data of the place we were, I will let you have some of my Instagram photos. Take care of them. They are very important to me :)

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