Recently I was asked to answer a question in Quora. The question was something like: How to become an IT freelancer?

Not that I think I am the great professional or what not, but at least I’ve seen a course or two, trying to build my knowledge in programming and working for a few projects as a freelancer. So I felt confident enough to at least suggest my view point and some kind of sequence of steps and courses that I thought had logic.

Frankly I didn’t expect to write such a throughout and long answer but it happened naturally in some kind of way. It’s still not upvoted so I don’t know if it’s going to be very helpful for the readers of the topic, I guess we’ll see that as well. Nevertheless I think it might be of some value for some of you, so here it is the link:

Have a nice reading and let me know if you strongly disagree with some of my points made here or there.


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