Hello there,

This is the introduction to the blog. I’ve decided to leave its default title because it’s the one sentence I’ve been seeing all the new endeavours I start upon. “Hello world!” is the start of every programming language, the start of every software knowledge, every tutorial, every how-to, everything I know. It is great, because it is a greeting of the new child to the world. It’s the greeting of my new blog to the rest of the world.

So, stay tuned, that’s not all about my first post. Below I shall explain more about the blog, so this post will be later referred as the “About the Blog” section.

How I did decide to start this blog?

I had another one (blog) back in the days when I was in the university (meaning Technical University of Sofia) that helped me a lot. I used it for all kinds of different purposes that thrilled me back then. It was part professional oriented, part hobby, part just for fun. Nevertheless it brought me all the good things I could think of (in my professional and social life). Yeah, I shall finally refer it, I know. It is the Project and marketing manager blog (the PMM). I still have pretty great traffic, pretty many posts to complete, pretty many things to optimize but it is not the same. I have new needs that can’t be satisfied by the old blog. I am kind of dumping it, if you will, but all the good feelings are still there.

The main reasons to start this blog and not using the old one are:

  1. I love WordPress now. It went a long way since it was competing with Drupal. Now WordPress is a few (at least) steps further and so on… no need to continue with this I guess;
  2. I’d like an English based blog content because of so many reasons, some of the I will describe below;
  3. My interests have changes. For the record, I used to blog mainly about marketing and project management. Now I am more into entrepreneurship, project management (still a huge passion of mine, but in the plane of the agile management), talking about startups, about usability, user experience, responsive designs and other stuff that’s more IT oriented.

Well, I guess those are the three main reasons. Let’s stick with them. :)


Why this blog is in English?

Well, as you may or may not know, I am Bulgarian (born and raised). Although I love my language, I decided I’d blog in English because I… well, I guess a new numbered list will work out fine:

  1. I am looking for a broader audience;
  2. I’d like to discuss ideas, news, methodologies and so on and so on… with the whole pretty wild world. You can’t be innovative in whatever field you grow unless you read, work, compete on international level;
  3. And last but not least, I like listening, talking, thinking in English*;

*Although the upper statement, please excuse any flaws in my language. I do my best to write proper English.


What is yet to come?

I declared the main topics I intend to write for but you could expect me posting some articles about what book I’ve read, what movie I saw, as well as various other things that impressed me greatly. Also feel welcome to follow me at the other channels like Twitter, etc. that I provided in the sidebar of this blog. Some re-posts or comments upon other bloggers’ posts might be expected also.


What about comments?

I will allow comments but they will be left for my moderation before publishing. I am sure there will be no need of some intentional filtering of real people writing here, as a appreciate all the view points you have to offer. The moderation is strictly caused by my concern of spam bots. I had a serious problems with those nasty buggers with my old blog. I got blocked from my hosting provider because of some great spam traffic via the comment form so I will be looking forward to avoiding such a problem again at any cost.


I guess that’s pretty much about what I have to say for the moment. Oh, and one last thing…


How often will I remind of my persona?

I am aware of the fact I will not be able to post updates on a daily basis so I am striving for at least a weekly updates. It’s not that I do not have what to say, it’s the spare time that’s the problem at the moment.

So if you feel like you want to not miss a thing, you could subscribe for the RSS feed or subscribe for the email newsletter. Both options are presented in the sidebar. I would advice you to follow the RSS feed because I am not fully aware of the process I will have to maintain for sending the newsletter on a regular basis. I will be using the MailChimp service but I am not sure if it will be automated or I will have to do the updates manually. The latter means some lag is possible.

Oh, it stacked up to a juicy first post, don’t you think? I guess that’s enough. For any other questions, please use the comment form below or the Contact me form.

Best Regards,

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