I want to provide free IT consulting for businesses and individuals. The areas I am competent to provide good knowledge and help are as follows:

  1. Project management – 4 years of project management experience and PRINCE2 certificate. I did manage over 20 successful (small and mid-sized) projects over the years and I continue this endeavor trying new methodologies and concepts;
  2. Online marketing – 2 years of experience in Facebook Ad Campaigns and Google AdWords. As well I have some background in management of email campaigns (in MailChimp) and Facebook Fan pages;
  3. Lean startups – my experience here is mostly brief. I have the knowledge and I do apply it when possible though;
  4. Usability – my experience in mocking up or wire framing / prototyping sites (with AxureRP) is related to three projects I have worked on. Unfortunately I can’t disclose them publicly;
  5. Web development – here my level of competence is to a lesser grade then my others skills. I am only able to implement simple solutions to a business problem. Nevertheless I could give you a good and detailed specs as well as expectation about how your project can unfold;
  6. MVP development – last but not least, work over minimal viable products – a strong interest of mine but so far I had no chance of working over such a thing so I’d be more than satisfied if I could help with my upper-described knowledge contributing to an MVP for your business or startup idea.


What do I get from the free it consulting thing?

I know how the word “free” especially in a random internet page sounds to you guys. So that’s why I thought it would be fair to explain why I decided it would be free and as well what my benefits of our interaction would be:

  1. I believe in the idea of free work and that it is mutually beneficial;
  2. I want to meet a lot of new and interesting people having (or working in) non-IT businesses;
  3. I want as well to learn (or get better) by doing what I mostly read but so far had a little opportunity to apply;

Get in touch with me

If you are feeling yourself intrigued by the proposal I have for you, feel free to contact me at my LinkedIn profile and have  a chitchat to see if we’re on the same page.

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