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Me and a friend were recently discussing that he had decided he would want to start a career as a front-end developer. During our discussion it became known that one of the more famous sites for online courses * has a discount for a number of course. A lot of great (at least they seem so) courses have been discounted to the price of $10.

So my friend asked me what courses would be reasonable to undertake in order to gain fair knowledge about the front-end development stuff. Here’s the advice I gave him:

He asked me what would I prefer from the following courses:

Become a certified web developer andBecome a Web Developer from scratch!

I advised him to take the first one, because:

  1. He is interested specifically in front-end development and not web development as a whole;
  2. The first course seems a lot more detailed than the second one, especially because the second one is also about PHP, JavaScript and so on, that are not mandatory fields for front-end development. (arguably javascript, but still)

As well I advised him to take this two additional course which are going to help him advance quicker in the modern way of doing front-end, as well as in the classical psd to html and css cropping:

PSD to HTML5/CSS3: Hand Code a Beautiful Website in 4-Hours!
Creating Responsive Web Design

I think those three courses will give any one a good base of knowledge. Then you could continue build your knowledge by articles, screen casts and so on.

If you are interested in the whole list of discounted courses (as of today), it is: – with coupon code: SPARK10

*Disclaimer: I am not a part of any affiliate program of as you may have though while reading this article. (At least at the time of its writing) I would just like to give some personal view point on taking IT courses on the internet. I hope these ones will be helpful for you too.

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