I recently got back from a very short but relaxing vacation. It feels great. No need to say that I guess…

The only problem is that now I have a ton of enthusiasm and absolutely no time. I desperately want to get my hands dirty with some new projects. It’s been a while since I got a few ideas and procrastinating them because of other important stuff started to get me nervous.

I sense it’s one of those time when you shoot start making time by cutting even other important tasks and activities. Or should I implement some technique for getting less sleep?

Hey there!

Have you ever had a mentor? I did not, yet I hear from a lot of different sources that it really pumps up your motivation. As I perceive it, such a guy can and will tell you what mistakes you do along the way, because he/she did the same. And most important – will help you fix them.

Ok, so I decided to go for it and look for a mentor…
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Maxim Krizhanovski sent me an interesting article today. I’ve read it and saw some real down-sides (as I always knew there were some) of the Lean Startup methodology. I thought it would be nice for you to read them too.

Obeying blindly your hunch towards the lean methodology is a real potential threat about your business. As the authors says – it’s not very possible to find a customer that will pay you to learn from your mistakes.

Here it is…

Fat startup: Learn the lessons of my failed Lean Startup

One wanna-preneur asks him/herself such a question each and every day, especially if you really can’t think of a skill or talent or anything at all you posses. It is a rather hard and disappointing answer in most of the times.

Having in mind the above I’d like to share with you a post at Quora that I recently found. It’s great and have a lot to tell to everyone. I hope you like it at least a much as I did. Enjoy :)


What is the best business to start with the lowest overhead?

I don’t have a lot of money. I also don’t have any real skills (i.e. video editor, designer, writer, etc.). What kind of business could I create that wouldn’t cost a lot of money?

I have been forwarded to an awesome post about the down sides of dating an entrepreneur. The title is: Do Not Date an Entrepreneur. The point of view of the girl there is very interesting and sound (my opinion). Nevertheless it pretty much depends on the commitment of the entrepreneur. If the entrepreneur is fully committed to the business he/she develops, then yea… lonely and dynamic life is ahead.

Recently this question became a somehow often discussed topic among my social contacts at work. We started talking about what should a new founded company do, what it purpose should be, what the mind of its founders should be worried about. Would it be money, or  changing the world? Should it be a service or a product? Should the revenue be reinvested or not and so on and so forth.

What’s your own reason and plan to launch a company?

After all there’s lots of different reasons to start a company and of course some are more valid than others. Yet it should be your own decision. I am strongly opposing to the affirmation of the thesis that your only goal with your startup company should be “to change the world” no matter what. Well, I maybe got too emotional about a recent post I’ve read. It says: The Only Good Reason to Launch a Company. If you bother to read it, you will find the author swearing in the cause of changing the world and demonizing all the other reasons and possibilities. Frankly, I don’t like that. Why? There’s lots of business which did not “changed the worlds” yet they are successful ventures, making lots of people happy (their customers, their workers and so on) as well as they are profiting well.Should those business seize to exist? Or should people never try to run one as well?

What’s your excuse to go forward with desire and motivation?

As stating the “change the world” goal the author of the upper-linked post seems to try to convince himself in the reason of going on. I shall not question his strong sense though. My point is that as he turns out to be the founder of EverNote (which I like and use) he didn’t change the world so much. What is so “world changing” in one (over-simplified I would say) tool for taking notes? Recently I stumbled upon the Wunderlist and it definitely is times better, more useful and intuitive. Whatever.

Finally my point is that – I guess you should do your business and be ready to work lots and lots of hours for it in order to accomplish your goal for creating it – whatever it is. If you succeed in making at least a dozen people happy that is well enough. If your business succeeds to change your world it still counts as changing the world :) (for the better of course).

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I heard of a cool and strange word from a friend who on his behalf heard it from some friend of his. Long story short, the word is “httpster”. I thought it was an original creation of the friend of the friend, but I was misled (by my own pitiful self :) .

The definition of httpster

Actually there is a definition of this word in my beloved Urban Dictionary. Please, enlighten your self. :) Yeah, funny, isn’t it?

Particularly I enjoyed that part:

Hypertext Transport Protocol runs in their veins - mostly of the html5 variety, kept on constant supply via a smartphone.


An interesting thought I was sent upon by Max was the following link. After carefully thinking over it I happily decided my work is really an expression of my life… Or the post stated the opposite? Actually I really do not know any more. I am do much interested in my job, that my hobby is working. When I got some spare time I do not watch teli on the sofa and eat junk, I read articles and books about start ups, CS5, etc. I guess that’s not normal… What do you do in your spare time?

Hello there,

This is the introduction to the blog. I’ve decided to leave its default title because it’s the one sentence I’ve been seeing all the new endeavours I start upon. “Hello world!” is the start of every programming language, the start of every software knowledge, every tutorial, every how-to, everything I know. It is great, because it is a greeting of the new child to the world. It’s the greeting of my new blog to the rest of the world.

So, stay tuned, that’s not all about my first post. Below I shall explain more about the blog, so this post will be later referred as the “About the Blog” section.

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