Yesterday I’ve read about a strange thing called “tweetstorming” (in Avc’s blog post for tweetstorming) which, apparently is some kind of blogging but not from your blog but from your twitter account. Except it is coming live and many more people would see it right away. But I the once it’s gone, it’s gone like… forever. I don’t thing you would get much of attention from Google later on when someone googles the topic you were “storming” about.

I support Fred Wilson about one thing – twitter obviously has no support for such thing yet (if ever). That’s why there’s a good potential for the developers to prove if it’s worth it, or not.

The reasons I think “tweetstorming” is not ok and will not become the next thing:
1) It seems like a lot of work – if you are going to publish a sequential tweets that make up one whole though, it won’t be easy for users to jump in on tweet number 10. They’ll have to read 9 to 1 to get some grasp of the whole topic and then pick up the conversations, which would probably be 10 more tweets advanced;

2) Replying to a separate tweet instead of the whole article makes it too fragmented – you won’t have a great discussion about one thing with many people. You would have many discussions, about many different things with many different people. Hard to follow, hard to involve other people in the discussion, at least in a sensible way.

3) Seems like the hell of a spam to all of your followers – I tend to Unfollow a user that makes 3+ sequential tweets in my timeline and those tweets don’t interest me. I think most of the people act like me (or at least similar to me). If you start tweetstorming about a thing that doesn’t interest most of your followers, after the third tweetstorm you engage, you’d probably be the half of your followers off.

4) Twitter was never meant for such a long topics and articles. You have 140 symbols. That’s what makes Twitter well… Twitter. If not, you would have Tumblr or whatever. It may sound a bit strong but, I thing tweetstorming is more like a fraud towards your followers. They believe you’re worth following because of the 140 symbols you use to express yourself. Not because you could write 20+ tweets to construct a rather long and senseless topic.

Anyway, I guess it’s the time (developers and users) that will show if tweetstorming has a future or not.