An interesting thought I was sent upon by Max was the following link. After carefully thinking over it I happily decided my work is really an expression of my life… Or the post stated the opposite? Actually I really do not know any more. I am do much interested in my job, that my hobby is working. When I got some spare time I do not watch teli on the sofa and eat junk, I read articles and books about start ups, CS5, etc. I guess that’s not normal… What do you do in your spare time?

Hello there,

This is the introduction to the blog. I’ve decided to leave its default title because it’s the one sentence I’ve been seeing all the new endeavours I start upon. “Hello world!” is the start of every programming language, the start of every software knowledge, every tutorial, every how-to, everything I know. It is great, because it is a greeting of the new child to the world. It’s the greeting of my new blog to the rest of the world.

So, stay tuned, that’s not all about my first post. Below I shall explain more about the blog, so this post will be later referred as the “About the Blog” section.

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