One of the great things that happened to me recently – yeah, I attended a course of Cisco Entrepreneur Institute in its Bulgarian licensed representative The name of the workshop (their word for the course thing) was “Growing a business“. With one sentence this workshop set my mind straight and showed me what I had to do with my ideas and what should be the right steps doing those things.

How I was referred to the workshop?

Of course in the best way that always work but is hardest to accomplish – word of mouth. A colleague of mine was attending the “Starting a business” workshop (that’s the previous chapter of the sequence) and after each session I was getting a detailed story of the day. How great it was, what a great speaker attended and what a great and inspirational lecture he/she gave. That helped me pretty well to decide quickly when I was informed that the next workshop will begin shortly after (maybe a couple of months was the gap between them both).

The schedule

We were bound to visit the workshops twice a week at 6 pm so we even had to left the office earlier to make it on time. Tight programme of lectures, discussions and exercises for 2 and a half hours straight. Yeah, exhausting but interesting as hell. It deserved every penny I spend on that education. Oh, yeah… I forgot to tell about the money. It’s about $350 (at least in Bulgaria, no idea what’s the fee for the other licensees). To someone it might seems like a lot, but believe me, you better spend it for the know-how on avoiding some very, very costly errors on a later stage in your life (or startup).

The colloquium

Well I cannot provide that exact information because you know… I do not have the exact charts of hours versus topics discussed but I will try to give some grasp by posting a link to a document describing (briefly) the topics discussed over the course of the workshop. Here’s the international version of the colloquium, and here’s the Bulgarian one. Most of the topics are covered in a session or two (meaning one visit, a.k.a. couple of hours). There is a theoretical part firs, then some discussion (actually lots of discussions just spur at any time), then most of the times there is a lecturer that comes and tells his/her success story. That model of work makes all the things pretty clear right away and you leave the class room inspired with ideas how to apply the things you just heard in your day-to-day life, of course starting tomorrow.

For what it’s worth

During the workshops we got our hands on some pretty useful business planning and idea estimation tools that I am going to introduce you to with some of my later posts. I hope not to forget to come back here and leave some links behind :) You leave a comment to remind me, ok? ;)

Me and my colleague were just planning our startup at that time so the workshop came to as a hit on the head and as well as a tap on the shoulder. Coming towards the end of the whole thing we sat down and applied all the learned lessons and techniques for estimation for our case. I guess it worked pretty well (so far). That’s why I would recommend you if you are looking forward to starting your own startup or making it big at your current organization, it’s fine to swing by your local Cisco Entrepreneur Institute ;)

Well this kind of became too much like an ad didn’t it? :) Sorry I did not mean to do that, neither someone will going to pay me for writing this, it’s just I’m satisfied with the service and I am trying to help.

Ok, so last two things to mention: at least our licensee provided us with an audio records of our sessions so we could get back to them later and have our knowledge refreshed. As well we got access to Cisco’s online education system for the time of the workshop. There we could get more information about all the related topics. I personally did not spend a lot time logged in but the important thing here is I could if I wished.

Well that’s about it, guys, see ya soon. Take care. Ask questions.

And a thing I got stuck in my head from a podcast I listened: “Fortune favours the bold“.


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