At the moment I guess it’s for the best to post some information as quick as possible and later on to refine it. That’s why I shall post a link to my public LinkedIn profile. You shall get enough information there, just to get a grasp at what I am doing, what I did in the past and where to contact me.

Here it is, my LinkedIn Profile page.

Updated at Nov 10th 2013

what I like to do
what I like to do

I found that picture in my computers closet and realized why people say “a picture is a thousand words”. That picture describes me quite well. That’s why I decided posting it here. As you can see:

  1. I like drinking beer;
  2. I like hanging out at parks and public places in general;
  3. I like animation movies (Stewie Griffin on my t-shirt);
  4. I am interested in mobile and online technologies;
  5. Wear my backpack everywhere;


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